When do I submit new proof for export documents?

When you apply for export documents from KVK, you need proof of the origin of your products. Submit your new proof before 31 January 2024. And prevent delays in your export documents application.

Export documents are, for example, an EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificate, and a Certificate of Origin. You submit your proof at KVK digitally. 

New proof before 31 January 2024

Proof of origin is valid for 2 years maximum. In many cases, the validity expires at the end of the calendar year. Does your current proof of origin expire on 31 December 2023? Then send KVK your new proof digitally before 31 January 2024. 
Collecting proof documents can take longer than you expect. You may have to ask your supplier abroad for information, for example. 

Submitting proof

There are different types of proof of origin. For repeated and one-time use. 

Repeated use

Do you use a certain proof of origin document more than once? Send it to your KVK regional office by email. Do you have more than one document? Make a separate pdf file of every proof of origin document. Keep the original documents in your business administration for at least 7 years. These are the email addresses and phone numbers of the regional offices: 

One-time use

Do you use the proof of origin document once, for one shipment? Then enclose it as an attachment with your export document application. Use the KVK Digitale Afgifte Exportdocumenten application (DAE, in Dutch). Read how this works (scroll down to Request export documents). 

Supplier statement 2015/2447

Do you use a supplier statement of preferential origin for your EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificates? Make sure all the details are correct. The rules governing preferential origin are complicated and often differ per country. For that reason, supplier statements are not always completed in the correct manner. Check this, so you do not risk fines and extra import duties later on.  

This video tells you how to complete a preferential supplier statement correctly. English subtitles are available. 

VIdeo: How to fill in a supplier's declaration 2015/2447