Residential area

When assessing a zoning plan for a residential area, ask yourself the questions below. Make sure you have the zoning plan’s rules and notes at hand. Residential areas or town centres are often designated as Residential zones (‘Wonen’).

Ask the following questions

  • What does the plan say about ‘home-based occupations’ (liberal professions, administrative professions) and for ‘home-based businesses’ (personal services, crafts). It makes sense to advocate for both the aforementioned categories in residential areas. This enhances liveability and creates a good functional mix.
  • What are the criteria for allowing a home-based occupation or business? Examples include:
    • Maximum use of 30-50% of the house, capped at between 35 m2 and 75 m2.
    • Residential function must be unaffected and the living environment must not be compromised.
    • No outdoor storage for business purposes.
    • No outdoor advertising.
    • No disproportionate traffic and parking.
    • The business activity must not fall under the Environmental Management Act.
    • Only the occupant of the home may run the business.
    • Retail is not allowed.
  • Is the business function also allowed in the outbuildings?
  • Will a new residential zone be added? The new homes may affect business activities in the existing residential area.

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