Business Register extract - digitally certified

Official proof of registration in the Business Register.

What do you use it for?

A digitally certified extract is official proof of registration in the KVK Business Register. It also tells you who is authorised to sign on behalf of the company. You get information about the legal entity, head office and branch offices, if applicable. You see the name, address, date of incorporation, and in most cases the officers of a company or organisation. 

Order a digitally certified extract (in Dutch only)

Search by name, KVK number, or address, and select the product.


  • Legally equal to a paper extract.
  • Suitable for official use.
  • Available in Dutch and English.
  • Delivered via email.
  • Pdf file. 
  • Certified electronic seal (valid indeterminately). 


You will find the price of all KVK products in the KVK tariff overview.

Good to know

  • The extract remains valid if you forward it digitally. Not every organisation accepts a digital extract. So be certain to check beforehand.  
  • The extract loses its validity if you print it. The certificate will not be visible, nor can the signature be verified.  
  • You can only order an English language extract via your KVK account. Login using your access code.  
  • You do not need to login to buy a Dutch extract, unless you wish to place a reference. Login to your KVK account using your access code. 


On the page Digitally certified documents, you will find information on how to check the KVK signature.

You can pay for a digitally certified extract in Dutch using iDEAL or a credit card.

You cannot purchase an English-language digitally certified extract with these payment methods.

Please note: orders paid for with iDEAL or by credit card are anonymous, so you will not receive an invoice for your order.

A certified KVK Business Register Extract provides assurance that the extract is from the KVK Business Register (Handelsregister). It is official proof of registration. That is why some organisations require a certified extract.

The paper and digitally certified KBK Business Register Extracts are certified.

The preview of an extract, or a printed copy of a digitally certified extract are not certified. These are not suitable for official use.

KVK Dataservice

KVK Dataservice incorporates this product in your ERP database or CRM customer software. This is fast, efficient, and lowers the risk of mistakes. 

Read more about KVK Dataservice or request the connection package straightaway (in Dutch).