KVK Dataservice

Upload up to date details about businesses and legal entities into your CRM, ERP, or database with the click of a button.

What do you get?

KVK Dataservice connects you directly to the KVK Business Register. You receive up-to-date and reliable data, straight from the source. 

Connect KVK Dataservice

Request the connection package (in Dutch). You will receive a non-binding offer.


  • Relevant information about businesses and legal entities is available faster and more efficiently by process automation and data connecting.  
  • Manual labour increases the risk of errors. Business Register Dataservice uploads data into your system via an automated process. This makes it possible to manage and update data in a uniform manner. 
  • Up-to-date customer information is essential for your business processes. Business Register Dataservice guarantees real-time data about businesses and legal entities. 

KVK Dataservice products

KVK Dataservice Inschrijving

You receive data on:

  • owner;
  • business;
  • head office;
  • officials;
  • limited data about the establishment.

KVK Dataservice Vestiging

You receive data on:

  • owner;
  • specific branch;
  • officials of the branch;
  • Limited data about the head office.

Financial statement as XBRL or PDF

  • The financial statement is available in the format it was filed in, PDF or XBRL. Or an XBRL converted into a PDF.

KVK UBO register extract

  • Unavailable since 22 November 2022.

KVK Business Register Extract - digitally certified

You receive a PDF with data on:

  • owner;
  • company;
  • head office;
  • officials;
  • limited data on the establishment.

Deposits overview

Overview of documents filed per KVK number registered in the Business Register as of 2010, such as:

  • financial statements, up to 7 years back;
  • declarations of consent and liability;
  • merger and demerger proposals;
  • special filed documents;
  • current general terms and conditions;
  • not available if only a deed of incorporation was filed!
  • XML file.


You pay a one-time connection fee and an amount per request. Find more information in the KVK Tariffs overview

KVK Dataservice connecting information

You will find detailed information (in Dutch) on how to connect KVK Dataservice on the Connecting KVK Dataservice page


If you already have a KVK Dataservice connection and want to expand your subscription with additional products, fill in this application form (in Dutch).

The Business Register is one of the key registers. This means that all administrative bodies must connect to and make use of the Business Register (see article 30 of the Handelsregisterwet (Commercial Register Act, in Dutch)). Read more about connecting an administrative body (in Dutch).

KVK handles personal data with great care. You can view public data. Other data is restriced. Some administrative bodies and organisations can apply for autohrisation to view non-public data. Read more about viewing non-public data