What information can I find in financial statements?

Financial statements consist of several parts, such as the balance sheet, the profit and loss accounts, and the notes. The larger a company is, the more financial information it must disclose.

The balance sheet 

The balance sheet reflects the state of a business at a given time (usually Dec. 31), showing the result of successive changes in assets and liabilities as a result of your business activities. 

Profit and loss accounts 

The profit and loss accounts summarise a business's revenue and expenses in a year, showing you whether a business is making a profit or not. Small businesses are not required to disclose profit and loss accounts. 

The notes 

In the notes, a small legal entity need only disclose how many employees it has and how the balance sheet was prepared. Large legal entities have to provide more extensive notes and include, for example, payments to management. Among other things, larger companies must also file an annual report and an audit report. 

Here is a full list of documents that companies have to file