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Corona continues on, call for more privacy increases

KVK annual report 2021

In 2021, the corona pandemic left deep marks on the entrepreneurial landscape again. Nevertheless, it showed an increase in the number of startups. And calls for more privacy in the Business Register grew stronger again in 2021. The KVK annual report discloses KVK's commitment to these issues.

The annual report shows that the corona pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty in society in 2021, including among entrepreneurs. KVK assisted entrepreneurs from the start of the pandemic with the ‘Coronaloket’ (Corona Desk). There they could go for support and specific advice. In 2021, the online version of the ‘Coronaloket’ received over 4 million visitors. KVK won the Good Practice Award 2021 with this.

In 2021, KVK also launched a programme for entrepreneurs struggling. They can turn to KVK for a listening ear, advice, and a referral to specialised authorities. Despite corona, KVK encountered many starting companies in 2021. With 326,644 registrations in the Business Register, there was a 10% increase compared to 2020. The number of deregistrations (239,000) decreased by 7% (2020: 256,000).

Data Vision Business Register and new board chair

From 1 April 2021, Greet Prins started as the new chair of the board at KVK. In addition to KVK, Prins holds several supervisory boards in the business world and is a member of the Senate of the Dutch Parliament. In March 2021, KVK celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Business Register. One of the big challenges for KVK is to rebalance the legal duty of publicity and the increasing call for more privacy. Together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK), KVK is organising the so-called 'Datavisie' (Data Vision) sessions for this purpose. In 2021, there was an initial public consultation for stakeholders. A second round will follow in spring and summer 2022. In the 'Datavisie', possible solutions will be identified.

Secure and responsible business

Due to our Business Register function, KVK makes an indispensable contribution to a safe business climate. In 2021, KVK logged 708,000 registrations in the UBO register, which records an organisation's ultimate stakeholders. In 2022, KVK will continue this and other registry tasks. Because KVK wants a Netherlands where everyone can do business securely and responsibly.

In addition to the above, we achieve this by being a signpost in laws and regulations, through targeted advice, services and products such as the SME diagnostic tool, and with a best practice such as the ‘Coronaloket’. Verifiable business data ensure transparency and lead to less fraud, money laundering, and misuse of (public) funds. In addition, KVK remains mindful of the right balance between public data and privacy.

For the annual report, including a full explanation of the 2021 financial figures, see KVK's annual reports.