Press release

Number of KVK offices to be reduced

KVK will reduce the number of offices from 18 to 14 in the coming years. The Amersfoort office closed on 4 December 2023. The Almere office follows on 29 January 2024. The Apeldoorn and 's Hertogenbosch offices follow later. The reduction aims to improve efficiency.

The 14 remaining offices are enough to maintain a national coverage and guarantee the continuity and quality of our services. Data research shows that 99% of all business owners travel a maximum of 1 hour (50 km) to the nearest KVK office. So KVK is never far away from the entrepreneur. 

We still give information, advice, and support to business owners on important business themes, both digitally and in our offices. And of course entrepreneurs can register at our offices. We also offer answers business owners have by acting as a regional signpost. 

Our collaboration with municipalities and regional partners will remain the same. We will continue to make our services, data, insights, and digital tools available, so that together we can help businesses in the region to grow.