Registration / appointment for eenmanszaak or vof

Register online (only in Dutch). Or make an appointment at a KVK office.

Via My registrations, you can check the status of your registration at any moment. Or start a whole new registration.

You can also:

  • View and update your details
  • Register a new eenmanszaak (sole proprietorship) or vof (general partnership)
  • Check the status and progress of your registration
  • Make or chang an appointment with KVK

Frequently asked questions about other types of businesses

Right now, you can only register an eenmanszaak or vof online. We are developing the same functionality for other types of business, too. Do you want to register a business that is not an eenmanszaak or vof now? Go to Registration at KVK

At this time, you can only login using DigiD to report a change if you have an eenmanszaak. We are working on making this possible for other legal structures as well. Do you want to report a change for a business other than an eenmanszaak? Go to Report a change.

Is your question not included? More frequently asked questions can be found on our Help and contact page. It also states how you can contact us.

Frequently asked questions about DigiD

The DigiD website tells you what to do. Go to Login with DigiD app or Login with SMS verification.

There are several reasons why you see an error message when logging into DigiD,

The DigiD app disconnects if you are inactive for 15 minutes or more. Try to log in again.

Are you still unable to connect? Then go to the DigiD website for more information. There you can check if there is a problem. And you can read more about possible solutions.

If logging in with DigiD continues to fail, please see Logging in with DigiD app or Logging in with SMS verification.

Is it still not working? Watch the DigiD tutorial videos.

If you have forgotten your DigiD username, you must request a new DigiD. You can do this via the DigiD website.

Apply for DigiD via You need your citizen server number (BSN) to apply.

Do you live outside the Netherlands and do not have a DigiD? Check which situation applies to you.

- I have Dutch nationality. You can apply for a DigiD. The DigiD website tells you how to do this.
- I do not have the Dutch nationality, but the nationality of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA). First register with the Non-Residents Records Database (RNI). After registration with the RNI, you will immediately receive a citizen service number (BSN) and can apply for a DigiD. The DigiD website tells you how to do this.
- I have a nationality outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Then you cannot use DigiD. Do you need a DigiD to make an appointment to register your sole proprietorship or general partnership (vof)? If so, please call 088-585 15 85.

Is your question about DigiD not listed here? Check out the DigiD website for more frequently asked questions and answers.