Registering a branch in a multi-company building

If your business uses the facilities of a multi-company building or business centre, you can only include the address of that building in the Business Register as a visiting address if your business permanently leases a space there. What are the rules?

Which visiting address are you allowed to register? 

When you register your business with KVK, we will also register any and all branches of your business. We always register the postal address and visiting address (physical address) of each branch. You can only use an address as a visiting address if we are able to check that your branch is actually based there and that you can perform your business activities at the address in question by examining the lease.  

The same goes for branches in a multi-company building. If the lease shows that you permanently lease office or desk space at the address in question, you are allowed to register it as a visiting address in the Business Register. You do not need to actually be present at this address all the time, but you must have the option to. Also, the building or space in the building must be suitable for performing your intended business activities. 

Desk or office space leased for two hours a week, for instance, does not qualify and cannot be registered as a visiting address, nor does so-called virtual office space. In both these cases, your private address or the address of another branch will be used as the visiting address in the Business Register. You are allowed to use the address of a multi-company building as a correspondence address.