Registering a European Economic Interest Group

How to register a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) or the continuation of an EEIG.

1. Download the forms

Form 20: ‘Registration form for a European Economic Interest Group’

Form 32 (in Dutch): ‘UBO registration form for a vof (general partnership), cv (limited partnership), maatschap (partnership), EEIG, or rederij (shipping company)’

2. Complete the forms

Complete the forms. The forms state who is authorised to sign and whether you have to complete any other forms.

3. Go to a KVK office to complete your registration

  • Bring the completed and signed form and a valid ID. The form states which supporting documents you may need to bring.
  • You must make an appointment to visit KVK. To do so, click on "Log in with DigiD”. During your visit, a KVK employee will check your ID and determine whether you meet the registration requirements.
Log in with DigiD

Frequently asked questions

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