Registration fee

To register a new company or organisation in the Dutch Business Register (Handelsregister), you pay a non-recurring fee of € 75. You can only pay digitally, using your mobile, debit or credit card. You pay when visiting the KVK office to complete your registration.

You must pay this registration fee when you:

  • register a company or organisation in the Business Register for the first time; 
  • register a restart, takeover, division or merger that causes a new registration the the Business Register, with a new KVK number.

The fee covers the administrative costs. It is a requirement stipulated in the Law on KVK. 

Do you need an extract from the Business Register?

When you register, you can also buy a (paper) company extract from the Business Register. This costs € 16.90. Again, you can only pay digitally. Some banks request that you produce a Business Register extract; wholesalers always request one.