Registering a liquidator

The process of registering a liquidator consists of several steps.

1. Download the form

Form 17a: 'Dissolution of a legal entity'

2. Fill in the form

Fill in the form. The form states who is authorised to sign the form.

3. Send the form 

Send the signed form to the mailing address of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK, along with a copy of a valid ID of the person who signed the form.

Please note: if the liquidator has not been registered as a director in the same file, they must make an appointment at any KVK branch to show their ID.

Make an appointment

Change of liquidator

To notify us of a change of liquidator, use

Foundations (stichtingen), associations (verenigingen), and Owners’ Associations (VvEs) without a business must also submit the following form: