Changing or adding a trade name

Do you want to change the name of your company or add an extra trade name? You can pass this on via a web form (in Dutch).

Changing or adding a trade name

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There are rules around choosing a company name.

  1. Your company name cannot be the same as or closely resemble an existing company name.
  2. Does your company name already appear in the Business Register or Trademark Register? Then you may have to choose a different name.

Check your name with the Name Checker tool (in Dutch) and check our tips for coming up with a business name.

Check your company name

Frequently asked questions

It is free to submit a change. For a registration of a new business or for a continuation, acquisition, merger, or demerger that involves a new entry in the Business Register with a new KVK number, you must pay a registration fee.

New KVK extract

After the change is made, you can order a KVK Business Register Extract. There is a fee for this.