Cyber scan: protect your business online

Ransomware, DDoS attacks, phishing mails: there is a good chance that your company will have to deal with cybercrime at some stage. How vulnerable is your company? You can test this with a cyber scan.

The risk that criminals will break into your premises is getting smaller, but the risk that they hack into your systems is increasing. To prevent this, it is important to know if you have digital vulnerabilities. A cyber scan, or cybersecurity scan, measures this for you. Usually with a short questionnaire. You answer questions about the digital security measures you apply in your company. Who has access to your systems? How often do you update your software? Based on your answers, you will get feedback about your vulnerabilities. Then you know how to improve the cyber resilience of your company.

Paying attention to security

"A questionnaire forces you to think about your security," says Rajko Smaak, Cyber Security Advisor at the Digital Trust Center (DTC). DTC offers a cyber scan for entrepreneurs. "Do I have a virus scanner? Do I have a firewall? Do I have strong passwords? If you don't know the answers, you can discuss these questions with someone who does, such as your IT administrator."

Practical tips

Based on your answers, the security scan provides practical tips to make your company safer. Smaak explains: "If, for example, your answers show that your passwords are weak, the report advises you to choose strong passwords. For example, by using a password manager." Other tips the scan might offer: run automatic updates and install antivirus software. Naturally, you can discuss the report with your IT administrator.

Critical attitude

What if you just don't want to use a password manager, or you are not a fan of automatic updates? Graphic designer Vincent van der Vliet did a scan, and got advice he did not find helpful: "I'd rather make up strong passwords myself than leave it up to a piece of fallible software." There is no harm in taking such a critical attitude, according to Smaak. "The most important function of a scan is that it gets you thinking about your security. And that you take action. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to take appropriate measures."

Independent cyber scans

Do you want to get started with a cyber scan? Good news: there are many cyber scans on the market. These free scans are less detailed than paid scans, but are often a good starting point. Do keep in mind that sometimes scans are provided by cybersecurity companies. They have an interest in selling you a product after you complete the scan. The following 3 scans were created by institutions and sector associations and are not for profit.

1. Basic cyber resilience scan

The DTC's CyberVeilig Check (in Dutch) is free and only takes about 5minutes. This scan is especially for entrepreneurs who do not yet have much knowledge and experience with cybersecurity. After the scan, you will receive an action list with instructions and tips.

2. Risk classification

What is the risk of your company being hit by a cyber incident? Together with partners such as the police, DTC made a list of 11 questions (in Dutch). With it, you check this risk for your company.

3. Test your connections

With the free test tool from, you can easily test whether your Internet is up-to-date. Do your website, email, and internet connection use modern, reliable Internet standards? You can also read what to do if they do not. You can also test other companies' digital connections there. is an initiative by Platform Internetstandaarden, a partnership of parties including Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland (SIDN) and the Dutch government.

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