What is killware and should it bother you?

You often hear or read about cyberattacks with malware and ransomware. A new type of ware has been added to this list: killware. Research bureau Gartner expects that this new cyberthreat will make its first lethal victims before 2025. But what exactly is killware, and should it bother entrepreneurs?

What is killware?

Killware is a type of malware that a cyber criminal can use to cause as much physical damage as possible, even with deadly results. It is entirely different from the malware we know. It is not about extortion to get money, or causing damage to a website.

Critical infrastructure

A cyber terrorist aiming for maximum damage and casualties will not target your company specifically, but critical infrastructure. Think of hospitals, banks, public transport, dams, and drinking water facilities. The threat of killware concerns us all. But, as a zzp'er or SME you have little or no influence on the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures.

Prevent cyberattacks

You can influence your own business's cybersecurity. Because, in reality, the odds that your company will be hit by a cyberattack with ransomware is far greater than the threat of killware right now. And that is something you should worry about. So make sure your digital security is in order, and prevent cyberattacks on your company. Use this checklist, for instance.

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