10 steps to your own business

Do you have plans to start your own business? As a brand-new entrepreneur, you have many things to take care of, such as administration, taxes, and insurance. Have you thought of everything? In this video series, you will see what the 10 most important steps to starting your own business are.

Successful entrepreneurs share how they went about starting their business. From coming up with a company name and doing market research, to arranging insurance and registering with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK.

We jumped on the trend at the right time.

Elke Salverda and Sarah Reinhoudt, Wander-Lust

Salverda and Reinhoudt run a travel platform together. When they started their company, they capitalised on the digital trend. They discovered that there was very little focus on travel online. At first, they focused on travel in general. Later, they chose a niche: unique places that are affordable, less crowded, and more authentic. Reinhoudt: "People need that these days."

It is important that you can fall back on a business plan that is yours.

Fatos Sezgin, Studio FHS

Sezgin owns a barber shop. Managing business records is not her favourite thing, but she finds it important to be aware of all finances. That is why she immerses herself in things like income tax and the income and expenses of her business. "That way, I know roughly what is expected of me at the end of the month," she says. She keeps track of her staff's hours and appointments with clients using software.

Evert and Teun Antonissen, Table du Sud

The Antonissen brothers make custom-made tables in their furniture factory. They also have several showrooms. You are not simply permitted to do all of that work in any location. So they had to check the municipality's zoning plan. This states which activities are allowed in which place. "For example, for the factory, you have to be allowed to put machines there and trucks have to be able to load and unload." So it is important to know in advance whether you can start your business at the location you have your eye on.

The 10 steps at a glance

Want to go through all the info again at your leisure? Here you will find the 10 steps listed in details.