Can I start my own business as a child?

You are in primary school and have a good idea for your own business. For example, you want to sell bracelets, build websites or walk the dogs of people with little time. But can you just do that, start your own business when you are under 18?

Permission from your parents

The answer is: yes, you can. As a child, you can start your own business, but you are not allowed to do just anything. That is because you are not yet 18. In other words, you are a minor. As a minor, you have to ask your parents' permission for major decisions. For example, if you want to place an order online for your business, open a business bank account, or spend money on advertising on social media.

Registering with KVK

In the Netherlands, businesses are registered at KVK. You may have to register your business too, but this is not always necessary. You do not have to register if you only make money a few times a year or only sell to family and friends. But for example, do you go from door to door in your neighbourhood every week to sell eggs? Then you have several regular customers and make money regularly. In that case, you do have to register with KVK. Do you not know whether you should register? Call the KVK Advice team together with one of your parents or carers for more information.


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Stick to the rules

Whether you sell self-printed t-shirts online or perform as a DJ: anyone starting a business must follow rules. Follow the checklist for starting a business as a minor to find out what rules apply to you.

Information for parents

Tell your parents about your plan to start a business. They may find it exciting and have many questions. Tell them to read these tips for parents of young entrepreneurs.