I want to rent out a house, do I need to register at KVK?

To earn money, you can rent out your own home (temporarily) or buy a second home and rent it out. Are you an entrepreneur when you do so? Do you have to register with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK?

Not an entrepreneur

If you rent out a house, you are usually not considered an entrepreneur. If you only rent out the house you live in or your second home, you do so as a private individual. This means you do not have to register in the KVK Business Register. If you rent out several homes as a business, you do have to register with KVK. Whether you are running a business depends on, for example, if you offer services related to renting. For instance, making breakfast or dinner, and cleaning the house for your tenants. Find out from the Tax Administration (‘Belastingdienst’) what the rules (in Dutch) are for renting out your own home or a second property. Do you rent out one or more properties, or would you like to do so, and do you have questions about registering with KVK? Please contact us.