Register in advance with KVK

Even if you have not yet started your company, you may need to register with the Business Register at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK. Having a KVK number can be necessary while preparing: renting a building, applying for permits, or purchasing stock. Use the steps below to find out how to get a KVK number before you have started your business.

When to register in advance?

You want to start a restaurant, open a clothing store, or work as a hairdresser or nail stylist. You have a lot to arrange. Applying for permits, purchasing goods, and signing a lease, takeover contract, purchase agreement, franchise contract, or financing agreement. You usually need a KVK number from KVK for this. Fortunately, that does not have to be a problem. You can already register with KVK during the preparation phase.

Do realise that you will be seen as a company from the moment you register. You are already an official entrepreneur, even though your door is not yet open to customers.

Important: Because you are formally starting a business, you must also start submitting VAT returns (BTW, turnover tax) to the Tax Administration. Even if there is no turnover yet (zero declaration).

Sign a lease without a KVK registration

Normally, you register your company a week before or after the start of your business activities. But do you need a KVK number to sign a rental contract? Then we can provide a suitable solution. You can register with your private address for the time being. We include the future visiting address in the company description with the statement: "preparatory actions to start a ..."

Note: You will officially be starting your business, but not yet at the business premises. Documentary evidence is required for registration, for example a letter of intent from the lessor, broker, or intermediary of the business premises.

This is how you register at KVK

Fill in a registration form and make an appointment online at one of the KVK offices. You need a valid proof of identity and pay the registration fee immediately. Check carefully in advance which documents you need to bring and which conditions these must meet. Also, think carefully about your company description. The company description indicates what your activities as an entrepreneur are. Based on your company description, the KVK advisor will determine a suitable SBI code together with you. This code is used by government agencies, industry associations, pension funds, banks, and insurance companies.

Important! In all the hustle and bustle, do not forget to digitally submit the original rental contract to KVK once it has been signed by both parties (tenant and landlord). The company description (and possibly other things) must then be adjusted. You do this using a form or online. We will  adjust the registration so that the correct information is included on the extract.

Takeover / lease company

When taking over or leasing a company, we register you in your own name. Only when everything is complete and contracts have been signed do we add the trade name.

Tip: Are you in the preparatory phase of entrepreneurship and will your activities be taxed with turnover tax (VAT)? Then you can reclaim the VAT on costs and investments from the Tax and Customs Administration.