Sustainable Dutch tea | Smart Guys

Fewer CO2 emissions and lower water use. That is the net climate profit of locally grown tea compared to tea from far away. When visiting China, grower Johan Jansen fell in love with the Camellia sinensis: the origin for all 200 types of tea.

Back in the Netherlands, Johan got to work to make the Camellia sinensis hardy, so it could deal with Dutch winter conditions. After 8 years of cultivating and cross-breeding tea plants, he succeeded. His brand LocalTea puts sustainable Dutch tea on the map. What steps did he have to take to make tea grow in colder climates? What makes his process sustainable? And what are his plans for the future? Watch this episode of Smart Guys to find out.  

The series Smart Guys highlights sustainaility in business. How do you use technology for a better world? Sustainability is increasingly important in our personal lives, and increasingly, businesses are giving it center stage. How do you make sustainability profitable for your company? Presenter Saskia Weerstand visits sustainability pioneers. Welcome to the world of Smart Guys.

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