Video: Hans van der Helm has chosen greener transport

Hans van der Helm, director of Tuin&Park – Van den Berg Machines, bought an electric car back in 2016, seeing that it would allow him to reduce his CO2 emissions. When 3 years later a suitable electric van also came on the market for transporting his machines, he bought it immediately. With this purchase, Van der Helm is well prepared for upcoming environmental laws for transport in urban areas. In fact, from 2025, at least 30 cities in the Netherlands will establish emission-free zones for inner-city transport.

Long Story Short video series

Making sustainable choices is not always easy. In this Long Story Short video series, entrepreneurs from different sectors discuss what choices they have made and what they have learned from them. In the process, they provide tips for taking those first sustainable steps within your own business.

In 2023, the government expands the energy-saving obligations. Find out what you need to do with your business.