View your UBO register details

Are you a signatory for one or more organisations? Then you can see who is registered as UBOs for these organisations. Or see for which organisations you are registered as a UBO for.

The data in the UBO register cannot be viewed by everyone. If you are registered as a UBO yourself, or signatory of an organisation with UBOs, you can view these UBO details.

Who can view UBO data and what do you need?

You can view UBO data if you:

  • are an UBO of one or more organisations. You will then see your own data.
  • are officially authorised to register, report a change, and deregister an organisation in the Business Register. You will then only see the UBO data of this organisation. Are you an authorised person or do you have a private limited company with a holding structure? Then you may not be able to view UBO data of all the organisations you are involved in.

To view UBO data, you only need your DigiD.


Frequently asked questions

Apply for DigiD via You need your citizen server number (BSN) to apply.

Do you live outside the Netherlands and do not have a DigiD? Check which situation applies to you.

- I have Dutch nationality. You can apply for a DigiD. The DigiD website tells you how to do this.
- I do not have the Dutch nationality, but the nationality of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA). First register with the Non-Residents Records Database (RNI). After registration with the RNI, you will immediately receive a citizen service number (BSN) and can apply for a DigiD. The DigiD website tells you how to do this.
- I have a nationality outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Then you cannot use DigiD. Do you need a DigiD to make an appointment to register your sole proprietorship or general partnership (vof)? If so, please call 088-585 15 85.

Do you need your UBO details because your bank, accountant, or civil-law notary has asked for them? Unfortunately, it is not possible to download UBO details. Banks and other organisations usually accept a screenshot of the UBO data. Or you can use the confirmation letter you received after completing the UBO report, as this contains your UBO details.