A KVK API provides a direct link to data from the Business Register. It is easy, efficient, and prevents unnecessary mistakes. After all, you no longer have to search for your registration information (trade name, address, or KVK number) to enter it into a form. This is done automatically through the API.

What is an API and how does it work?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of definitions that allows software programmes to communicate with each other. It serves as an interface between different software applications. The code the API uses allows the programmes to have access to each other's information and/or functionality, without developers having to know exactly how the other programme works.

The KVK API is a connection between your software application(s) and the Business Register. With an API key, you automatically gain access to information in the Business Register.

Why use a KVK API?

Data automatically provided

You can retrieve up-to-date information from the Business Register directly inside your own customer relationship management system (CRM), website, or financial package. The API automatically enters the data through autofill or autocompletion.


You can verify business customers' KVK number, address information, SBI codes, and people employed.

What products can you order through KVK API?

KVK Handelsregister Zoeken (Business Register Search)

With this API you can search for companies in the Business Register. You search by KVK number, RSIN, establishment number, trade name, street name, and city/town. You then request data using another API, such as basic profile or establishment profile.

KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel (Business Register Basic Profile)

With this API, you can request basic information on companies from the Business Register. For example, social activity, owner details, details of the main branch and a link to a branch list. You select based on KVK-number.

KVK Handelsregister Vestigingsprofiel (Business Register Establishment Profile)

With this API, you can retrieve specific information on companies from the Business Register. For example, general data, activities, and visiting and postal addresses. You select based on establishment number.

Test our APIs for free

There is a special Test API for you to try out the KVK APIs. The Test API contains a small selection of fictional data with which you can test freely. You can find the Test API on the developers portal (for English, select EN in the top-right of your screen).


Do you already have an API key? Then you can make use of the KVK APIs right away. Do you not yet have an API key? Complete the order form on the developers portal (for English, select EN in the top-right of your screen).

After you have completed the online form, you will receive an email with an agreement and optional direct debit authorisation (if you have indicated this payment method). Once we have received the signed agreement, we will activate your login (usually within 3 days). This will give you access to the developers portal and your API key.


You pay €5.20 per month for connecting to the KVK API. In addition, you pay a small amount per information request.

APIRate per request
KVK Handelsregister Zoeken
Free of charge
KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel
€ 0.016
KVK Handelsregister Vestigingsprofiel
€ 0.016

KVK Dataservice

Do you want automated access to more data from the Business Register (such as officers' details, authorisations, or annual accounts)? Then create an automatic connection to KVK Dataservice (in Dutch).

More information

For more information, visit the developer portal. Do you have questions? Please fill in the Contact Form on the developer portal.