Forms for registration and reporting changes

Here you find forms to register, deregister, or report changes. After filling in the form on-screen, it is possible to print the form in two languages. Please note that if you fill out free text fields, like for your business activities, these have to be translated into Dutch.

The form states whether you can send it by post or must bring it in person. This is only possible by appointment. For forms that may be sent by post, you must always enclose a copy of a valid identification document of the person signing the form.

Forms to register a company or legal entity

1: Sole proprietorship

2: Commercial limited partnership

2a: Public partnership

3: Private public limited company

4: Cooperative or mutual insurance society

5: Foundation or association

6: Non-resident legal entity company

7: Private limited company under incorporation

8: Company of a legal entity

20: European Economic Interest Group (EESV)

23: European Company (SE)

24: European Cooperative Society (SCE)

25: Legal entities under public law

28: Other Legal entities under private law

Forms to register a branch

9: Company branch (with commercial activities)

9a: Branch (without commercial activities) of a legal entity

Forms to register persons

Forms to register persons who can operate on behalf of the company or legal entity.

10: Partner (vennoot)

10a: Partner (maat)

11: Official of a legal entity

12: Other officials

13: Authorised representative business agent

19: Holders of partly paid shares

21: Director for a European Economic Interest Group

22: Executive staff member of a foundation or association without a company

26: Official of a legal entity under public law

29: Officials of other legal entities under private law

Forms to change or end a registration

14: Business/branch details

15: Details of a partnership/legal entity

16: An official’s details

17a: Dissolution of a company, legal entity or partnership

17b: Termination of a legal entity

18: Additional information

Last updated on 28 April 2021

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