Registering employed persons in the Business Register

All companies that register in the Business Register are required by law to report the number of persons employed. This information is displayed on the KVK Business Register Extract.

Why do I have to do this?

One of the purposes of the Business Register is to provide information on the composition of companies. Statistics Netherlands (CBS), among others, uses this information for statistical research on economic activities in the region.

What are employed persons?

An employed person is someone who works at least 15 hours a week in the company. For example, the owner or employed personnel. But also temporary workers or a family member who works in the company.

We also register the number of 'part-time employed persons'. These are people who work less than 15 hours in the company on average. The number of people working part-time is not shown on the Business Register Extract.

Several branches

Does your company have several business locations? Please state the number of people working in each location. The extract will show the total number of people working in all locations together, and the number of people working in each location.

Changes in the number of employed persons

To record the number of persons employed, always look at the first working day in the month of May. How many employed persons do you have on that day? Report this to KVK. Do you have the same number of employees on the first working day in May as last year? Then you do not have to report this again. If there are more or less, you do have to report this. A temporary change, when an employee is ill for example, does not have to be reported.

Report a change

  • Go to ‘Wijzigen’ (Report a change, the page is in Dutch)
  • Search for the name of your company.
  • Select ‘Gegevens van de vestiging wijzigen’ (Change establishment details).
  • Select ‘Aantal werkzame personen’ (Number of persons employed).
  • Go through the steps and send the details online or by post.

Online or by post

Online is quick and easy. You sign the form with DigiD. We process the form within 2 working days.

Do you prefer to send it by post? That is also possible. Fill in form 14 (Change business/branch details). Send the completed and signed form together with a copy of a valid proof of identity (of the person signing) to the KVK postal address. The person signing must be authorised to sign and registered in the Business Register. We will process the form within 10 working days.

Netherlands Tax Administration

Are you taking on employees? Also report this to the Tax Administration. Use the form ‘melding loonheffingen aanmelding werkgever’ (in Dutch) for this purpose.