Numbers in the Business Register

All businesses and organisations that register in the KVK Business Register receive a KVK number. KVK also registers some other numbers, such as the branch or establishment number, and the RSIN. Recent EU and national legislation means that some number formats have changed.

Establishment number

The establishment number is made up differently. Each branch receives a 12-digit establishment number (in Dutch). 

Company takeover: new KVK number

When a business is taken over, it does not keep its original KVK number. The company is given a new KVK number


All legal entities and partnerships, such as bvs, associations, foundations, and professional partnerships, receive a Rechtspersonen Samenwerkingsverbanden Informatie Nummer (legal entity or partnership identity number, RSIN).

More information about numbers

You can find detailed information on the numbers in the Business Register and the changes in recent years in the report De nummers van het Handelsregister (The Business Register numbers, pdf in Dutch).