Payment options

You have various payment options for the products you order with us.

Online payment with credit

Credit allows you to buy products on the KVK website. Such as Business Register extracts, company profiles, annual accounts, general terms and conditions, and more.

How does it work?

When you log in to 'Mijn account', the option 'my payment method' shows your credit. You can use it to buy products on the site. You can easily increase your credit with a payment by iDeal or credit card. Have you deposited credit that you would like to get back? If so, please contact us on 088 585 15 85.

What is the advantage of online payment with credit?

You do not need to have a Dutch bank account.

Automatic payments by direct debit

You may pay for Business Register products via direct debit. Here, you give permission to have payments debited directly from your bank account.

How can I change my payment method?

The standard payment method is paying from a credit balance. You can change your payment method by logging into your KVK account (in Dutch). Click 'Mijn betaalwijze' ('my payment method') to choose 'automatische incasso' ('direct debit').

Credit card or iDEAL

Do you not have a KVK account? You can order a digital or paper extract from the Business Register directly and pay with iDeal or credit card.

Frequently asked questions

Changing your bank account number can only be done when you are logged into your account (in Dutch). Log in to Mijn Account with your access code and password. When changing your bank account number, enter the full IBAN number.

That depends on how you receive your invoices.

Invoices by post

Your invoice address is always the registered office or postal address of your business as shown in the Business Register. We usually change the invoice address automatically if you notify us that your business address has changed. To do so, go to Report a change.

Have we not changed the invoice address? Report this online using the enquiry form on our website: 'stel een vraag online' (ask a question online, in Dutch). Select ‘Bestellingen en facturen’ (Orders and invoices) and submit both the old and the new invoice address.

Digital invoices

If you receive our invoices digitally and your email address has changed, send an email to:, stating the old and new invoice address.

Use 'stel een vraag online' (ask a question online, in Dutch) to request a copy of an invoice, quoting the invoice number and entering your business details. A pdf copy of the invoice will be sent to the email address you have specified.

If you pay for your order directly with iDEAL or by credit card, it is anonymous and we cannot send you a copy of the invoice. You should use the bank or credit card statement as proof of payment. The product is exempt from VAT (Belastingdienst, in Dutch).

Digital invoices

If you want to make sure you never lose an invoice again, switch to digital invoices to receive your invoices by email.