From eenmanszaak to CV

Read how to arrange the change from an eenmanszaak to a CV, what is involved, and what you should pay attention to.

Stap 1: Fill in forms

  • Form 14: 'change in company and location data' for the transfer of the eenmanszaak to the CV (point 9.1)
  • Form 2: 'register CV'
  • Form 10: 'registration of partner'
  • Form 32: ‘UBO registration for a cv, vof, progessional partnership, EESV, or shipping company'. The form states which attachments you need to bring

Step 2: Make an appointment

Make an appointment at a KVK office and bring:

  • the completed forms. 
  • valid ID

Registration fee

registration fee applies for registering the company with a new KVK number. When it is not neccesary for you to come by in person, you will receive an invoice by post. 

Exception to identification requirement

Are you the previous owner of the eenmanszaak, and now registering as a managing partner? And did you identify yourself at KVK after 1 March 2002? Or are you joining the CV as a company or legal entity, for example a vof, CV, bv, or nv? Then you do not have to come in personally. However, an authorised person from the company or legal entity in question must sign the form. Give the form and a copy of your proof of identity to the other managing partner(s) to bring when they visit KVK to register. 

Does the eenmanszaak have branches or an authorised representative?

You must register these with the From eenmanszaak to CV.

  • Form 9: 'Registration of a company branch'
  • Form 13: 'Registration of authorised representative'

Additional supporting documents

If a partnership contract has been drawn up, take this contract with you to the appointment. We register the authority of the managing partners in the Business Register.

Visiting address and business activity

When taking over a company, the visiting address and at least 1 business activity must remain the same.

Starting date

We will process the transfer from the effective date. After the change(s) have been processed, you can immediately request a new certified KVK Business Register Extract

Netherlands Tax Administration

Due to the change of legal form, the KVK number and VAT ID will change. We will pass on this change in the Business Register to the Belastingdienst (Netherlands Tax Administration). Do you employ staff? Then the payroll tax number also changes. Read what you should do in this case on the website of Belastingdienst (in Dutch). 

Current contracts

View which contracts have been drawn up in the name of the eenmanszaak. For example, rental and maintenance contracts or insurance. Create new contracts in the name of the CV.

More information

You will find more information on transferring a company in the articles Final tax return when closing down, selling, or inheriting a business and A guide to changing your business structure on   

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