Deregistering a congregation

To dissolve a congregation, a body authorised to amend the organisation’s articles of association - usually the board - will first adopt a resolution of dissolution. To notify KVK of the dissolution, please use form 18. Complete the steps below to deregister the congregation.

1. Download the form 

Form 18: additional information to other forms.

2. Provide the following information 

  • 1.1: name of the congregation and headquarters  

  • 1.2: KVK number  

  • 2.1: 'other' 

  • 3.1: date of dissolution of the congregation (dissolution takes effect at the time the resolution is passed or at a future time. A resolution to dissolve may not be made retroactively.)  

  • 3.2: choose one of the following options: 
    - If there are no assets, enter ‘the congregation has ceased to exist due to lack of assets’ in the description. 
    - If there are assets, enter ‘the congregation is dissolved and deregistered’ in the description. 

  • 4.1: name and signature of director and the signing date 

3. Send the form to KVK

Please send the form to the KVK postal address with the following attachments: 

  • A copy of the resolution of dissolution signed by 2 directors. 

  • A copy of a valid ID belonging to the signatory. 

  • Directors’ appointment resolution. 

Impact on (financial) institutions 

Keep in mind that dissolving a congregation may affect the municipal permits, financing, insurance, pension fund, or bank account of the congregation. Consult the website of the (financial) institution in question to find out what to do if you decide to terminate a congregation.