Step-by-step plan ending in a controlled manner

The prospects for your business are bleak. Every day you continue your business is costing you money. The end is inevitable. Use our step-by-step plan to stay on top of the process when you end your business.

A summary of the steps

Step 1: Accept that the process can be emotional

You know your business is coming to its end, but accepting this may not be easy. It will probably have an emotional impact on you. Accepting this and reflecting on how you feel can give you space to move on to the necessary formal procedures. If you are struggling, seek out help.

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Step 2: Ask for help

You do not have to go through the process of ending your business alone. Speak to professionals and ask what you need to do. Find out more about who you can talk to.

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Step 3: Prepare for your business closing

Make sure your administration is in good order. This makes it easier to see who still owes you money, or who you owe money to. Also, check your contracts so that nothing is missed. You must also inform your staff about the closure at the right time. And have you considered your income after ending your business? There are various measures that you may be eligible for.

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Step 4: Find a solution for your debts

Will you still have debts after ending your business? Find a solution that best fits your situation. There are several routes to consider. For example, avoiding bankruptcy with the WHOA.

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Step 5: Start the process of ending your business

Depending on your situation and the legal form of your business, you must follow several steps to end your business. It is also time to cancel ongoing subscriptions and insurance policies. Finally, deregister your company from KVK.

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KVK Advice Team

You can always contact the KVK Advice Team with your questions. They can also put you in direct contact with specialised partners if that is necessary and what you want.