Step 1 of 5

Admit your emotions

You are about to end your business. Admitting that this is the only way forward takes more character than putting off the inevitable.

Step 1 of 5: Accept that the process can be emotional

You are going to end your business. Acknowledging that your business can no longer continue will certainly have an emotional impact on you.

The decision to stop is rarely easy and will likely cause a variety of emotions. You may feel powerless and worry about finances and your future. There may also be frustration, anger, and uncertainty. As much as you want to act rationally, emotions can get in the way.

It is good to know that there is a lot of help available, such as from official agencies, organisations, or individuals who are ready to help you.

KVK Advice Team

You can always contact the KVK Advice Team with your questions. Call 0800 21 17 to start the conversation. They can also put you in direct contact with specialised partners if that is necessary and what you want.