Step 5 of 5

The business of ending your business

Your legal structure determines the steps you need to take to end your business. Think of your tax settlement, for example. Cancel subscriptions and insurance policies too. Finally, deregister your business with KVK.

Step 5 of 5: Start the process of ending your business

The legal form of your company determines which steps you must take to end the business. Consider your final tax matters with the Tax Administration. It is also time to cancel ongoing subscriptions and insurance policies. Finally, deregister your company from KVK.

Follow the steps for your legal form

What you need to arrange to end your business depends on your company’s legal form and your specific situation. The advice on is tailored to each specific type of business:

Checklist for ending your business

Do not forget the little things too, such as cancelling subscriptions and insurance policies. Sometimes you need proof that your business has ended before terminating agreements. After deregistering your company, you can order an extract from the KVK Business Register. This states that your business has stopped. The ending your business checklist can help to ensure that you do not overlook any steps – big or small.

KVK Advice Team

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