Checking your financial statements

Want to know if the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK has received your financial statements? You can easily check whether they were filed properly and have been processed.

 How to check whether your financial statements have been filed properly (for free):

  • Enter your KVK number or the name of your business.
  • Go to “Financial statements” and view the list of financial years.
  • If the financial year in question is on the list, your financial statements will have been processed. You do not have to order anything to check if your financial statements have been processed.
Check it now (in Dutch)

Digital filing

Have you filed digitally via:

Then your financial statements will be visible in the Business Register right away.

Filing your financial statements by post or email

Filings sent by post or email will appear in the Business Register after about 5 business days. Processing times may be longer during busy periods, but this will not affect the filing date. If everything is complete, the date of receipt will be used as the filing date for filings sent by post or email.