Filing your merger or demerger proposal

Do you wish to file a merger proposal or a demerger proposal with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK? You can send your filing to us electronically or by post.

To submit an electronic filing, you need a personal qualified certificate issued by a PKI overheid certification Trust Service Provider (in Dutch). You can then directly file your merger or demerger proposal electronically.

Filing a merger or demerger proposal (only in Dutch)
(Only available for civil-law notary firms)

If you submit your filing by post, send your proposal to the nearest KVK postal address* .


Civil-law notaries who are members of the Dutch association for notaries KNB can use the ORN portal (Online Registreren Notarissen) to file merge and demerger proposals. Find more information on the ORN portal via the link below, only available in Dutch.

File (in Dutch)

How does KVK process the filing?

KVK processes your filing as swiftly as possible. Proposals received via the electronic filing system are accepted and processed in the same manner as proposals received by regular mail or a courier service. The date on which we receive the proposal is considered the filing date.