KVK office Den Haag

Our address is Koninginnegracht 13 in Den Haag. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 - 17:00 hours. You need to make an appointment before visiting us.

When do you make an appointment?

Complete registration

For an eenmanszaak, maatschap, vof, or cv. Fill out the online form first.

Register a new officer or director

Fill out a form first, and bring it to the appointment.

Change legal structure

Fill out a form first, and bring it to the appointment.

Location and opening hours

The KVK Den Haag (The Hague) office is located at Koninginnegracht 13, 2514 AA in Den Haag. We are opened Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 17:00 hours. You need to make an appointment if you want to come see us. We are closed during weekends. The nearest parking garage is Malieveld.


You register your business via KVK.nl/registration. Click on the 'Start your registration' button, choose the legal structure, and then follow the on-screen steps. You must fill in the (online) forms completely. Then make an appointment at a KVK office to complete the registration. Registering can be done at any KVK office in the Netherlands.

You make an appointment online by logging in with DigiD. You choose the date, time, and location. You can make an appointment up to 8 weeks in the future. You will receive confirmation by email. Please read and keep this confirmation.  

You can deregister your business using an online form (in Dutch) on our website. In the online form, select 'uitschrijven' (deregister), then enter the company name or KVK number, and complete the steps. Submit the deregistration:

  • online: this is possible for a sole proprietorship, a legal entity still being set up, or a branch of a foreign company in the Netherlands
  • by post: for all other legal forms

When you stop your business, there are a number of things you need to arrange. You will find useful tips in the step-by-step plan for ending your business, and in the information about tax issues when ending a business (in Dutch).

Please note: Dissolving and deregistering the business may have an impact on, among other things, your business bank account, financing, insurance, pension fund, and municipal permits. For example, you will no longer be able to access your business bank account. Please check the websites of these organisations to find out what steps you must take before deregistering.

Are you planning to apply for financial support from your municipality? If so, it may be a condition that you are still listed in the Business Register. Check this before deregistering the company with KVK.

You register your business 1 week before or after the start of business activities. Prepare your registration online. Then schedule an appointment for the identification check and the completion of your registration. You will then immediately receive your KVK number. Registering is possible at any KVK office in the Netherlands.

You can also visit us earlier for the check of your pre-completed details and proof of identity. This is possible up to a maximum of 3 months before your start date. In this case, you will receive your KVK number by post in the week prior to your start date. You can schedule an appointment up to 8 weeks in advance.

You must report a change within 1 week. Has more than a week passed? In that case, you must still report your change. If you fail to do so, this will have consequences, for example, for the liability of your company. The change only takes effect once it has been entered in the Business Register. You cannot rely on it before then.

You can use the following documents as valid forms of ID:

  • Passport
  • Dutch driving licence or moped licence (category AM)
  • European ID card (ID card from an EEA country)
  • Dutch document for foreign nationals (residence permit, Foreign National ID of Type W or W2, formerly 'W-document', diplomatic visa)
  • Dutch foreign-national passport
  • Dutch refugee passport

Please note: the document you use as ID must be valid. The validity date appears on the ID.

Copy of ID for registration of a business or official

If you have to enclose a copy of your ID with a form submitted to KVK, you may use a sticker, marker, or other means to make your photo and nationality illegible, in the interests of privacy. Or you can use the KopieID app (in Dutch) from the national government. KVK does not need your photo or nationality to review your submission. You may not block out any other information. Driving licences do not indicate nationality.

Copy of UBO ID

To register UBOs in the UBO register, you must also enclose colour copies (front and back) of the IDs of the UBOs. You are not permitted to block out the nationality on the ID copies. You are permitted to block out the photo. Do not block out the document number of the passport, driving licence, or ID card! Print the copy on a sheet of A4 paper or scan the ID document in actual size.

You can report a change of address online.

  • Choose ‘Wijzigen’ (change, in Dutch)
  • Enter your business name or KVK number.
  • Select ‘Gegevens van de vestiging wijzigen' (Change business branch details)
  • Follow the steps and submit the details digitally or by post.

Additional documentation

If the visiting address is not the same as your home address, submit 1 of the following documents to show that you are permitted to use this address as a visiting address for your enterprise:

  • a copy of the rental, purchase, or lease agreement, signed by both parties; or
  • a certificate from the Dutch Land Registry Office; or
  • a declaration of consent.

Private address

If your private address is also changing, you should first notify your local Personal Records Database (BRP) of the municipality.