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What else can you do?

Use marketing to boost your business. Get back in touch with previous customers. And find new customers, using various channels. Increase your hourly rate, or find a temporary job.

When looking for more customers, there are 2 ways. You try to find customers you do not yet know. Selling your product that way is difficult, but interesting. After all, if you are successful, you expand your target group. Or you contact someone again who was a customer before or showed interest. 

Reaching customers online

Finding customers online is a must nowadays. As a zzp’er, self-employed professional without staff, for example, you offer your services on a platform such as Werkspot. In another industry, you might be more likely to use social media. Keep building your network and regularly share information on social media to get your followers interested in you and your product or service.

 Online advertising can also bring you success. You decide who you want to reach and even with a small budget, you can make a difference. Was marketing less important to you until now? Then make a marketing plan for your business now. 

Increase prices

More customers means more money. But you can increase your income in more ways than one. Take a look at your hourly rate. Have you adjusted it in recent years? Some entrepreneurs prefer not to. But it is not strange to recalculate your hourly rate every year. The circumstances in which you do business are always changing. Think of inflation, rising costs, legislation and your competitor's rates. You can also use price trends in the market.

Sometimes a price increase is necessary because you cannot escape it. Raw materials, packaging, petrol: just about everything you spend money on as an entrepreneur has become more expensive. If your costs increase due to inflation, you can also raise your prices. Customers often accept this as long as you explain well why you are becoming more expensive, experts say. 

Temporarily employed as a self-employed professional without staff

You want to earn some extra money quickly. A job alongside your work as a zzp’er may be the solution. With the extra income from paid employment, you can continue to do business. The combination may have tax implications. Look for a job with an employer who is not your client. Read what to look out for. And choose what is most beneficial for you.

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