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Do you need financing?

If your liquidity budget shows you do not have enough money, financing may be an option. Make a financial budget. Different types of financing and bridging options can make your company financially healthy again.

Find financing

If times are temporarily financially difficult, as an entrepreneur you can apply for the Decree on Social Assistance to the Self-Employed (Besluit bijstandverlening zelfstandigen, Bbz) . This scheme offers a credit of up to €45,670 for those who have been entrepreneurs for a maximum of 18 months. If your business has existed for longer, the maximum amount is €248,064.

You can always go to regular financiers too. But also consider non-bank financing or bridge financing. Does the future of your business look bright? Then a regular funder is more likely to say yes to your application.

Draw up a financial budget for your application. In it, you indicate the amount you need.

KVK Advice team

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