Business in trouble? KVK can help: 3 steps

You just about managed to pay the rent, but what about next month? Your staff has been waiting for their paychecks, and debtors are closing in on you. Is your business in trouble, and is it hard to find a way out? The KVK Advice Team offers businesses in trouble a 3-step plan to get back on their feet.

The KVK Advice Team listens, gives advice, and engages organisations from the KVK network if necessary. Call 088 585 22 22 to ask your questions.

Step 1: KVK adviser listens

When you call the KVK Advice Team, you speak to an adviser who will listen to your story. You call when you feel the need. The adviser listens without judging you, and asks a set of basic questions. Their main goal is to give you a bit of breathing space, so that you can look ahead once more. In the next steps, you and the adviser search for a solution that suits your situation.

Step 2: KVK adviser analyses

The KVK adviser needs some information about your business to come up with good advice. What is the legal structure? Do you employ staff? How is your financial situation? What are your main activities, and who are your clients? The answers to these questions help the adviser identify the problems, opportunities, and possible solutions.

Together, you review the options for getting your business back on track. For example, additional business credit or a new business activity, extra savings, or a collaboration with other companies. The outcome may also be that ending your business is the best solution. The advice is personal, and specifically suited to your circumstances.

Step 3: KVK adviser connects

KVK has a large network of organisations that can help entrepreneurs. Some examples: Stichting Ondernemersklankbord, VNO-NCW en MKB-Nederland, Geldfit Zakelijk and Qredits. KVK collaborates with these partners. They can equip you with tests to gain financial insight, they know how to handle debts, and offer coaching for entrepreneurs. The KVK adviser can refer you to a suitable partner, if needed.


You can take these 3 steps with KVK in one phonecall. If necessary, you get in touch with the KVK adviser more often. For instance, if you are in a prcoess involving one of the partner organisations, if you have another question, or want to discuss your progress. You are not alone in this.

Business in trouble checklist

Do you prefer to start trying to find a way out of your financial troubles yourself? The KVK Business in Trouble pages can help you getting your grip back on your business.