Where to find help in times of crisis?

Does your company have problems or debts? You do not have to solve everything alone. KVK works together with organisations that help you with advice, coaching or financing. Find out what this professional network can do for you.

KVK Advice Team

The KVK Advice Team is available for practical advice, also when things are not going well for your company. Call 088 585 22 22.

Organisations for entrepreneurial interests

Organisations for entrepreneurial interests and advice to companies are, for example, MKB-Nederland/VNO-NCW (in Dutch) and Ondernemend Nederland (ONL, in Dutch). For certain target groups, for example, skilled workers and self-employed professionals there are branch and professional organisations such as Stichting ZZP NederlandPZOFNV Zelfstandigen and CNV Vakmensen (all links in Dutch). 

Coaching for entrepreneurs

The following organisations offer coaching for you and your company.

  • Ondernemersklankbord ('entrepreneurs soundboard', OKB) guides you through a six-month process. Coaching applies to every phase of your company: from start-up to business succession and from growth to reorganisation. You get a former entrepreneur or specialist from your own region as an adviser.
  • The Qredits CrisisCoach (in Dutch) provides independent advice on the situation of your company. You can reach the Crisis Coach free of charge on working days by calling 0800 0125. Coaching is usually free if you already have a credit or loan with Qredits (in Dutch).
  • The Nederlandse zaak voor ondernemers (Dutch business for entrepreneurs, in Dutch) helps entrepreneurs with money problems to make their company financially healthy again. You will receive guidance from HBO students and independent former entrepreneurs. They work together with municipalities and OKB.
  • Nlgroeit (in Dutch) helps companies that (want to) grow and develop. Nlgroeit links you to a mentor who fits your company and wishes. Together you map the guidance process. 

Debts and financial problems

Do you have debts or is your company in financial trouble? Then first go through the step-by-step debt plan. For help you can contact:

  • The municipality where you live. They can help you with advice and coaching in the field of business problems, financing, income support, ending your business, retraining or a budget coach. It is a statutory task of municipalities to help people with debts (in Dutch).
  • Geldfit Zakelijk (in Dutch) gives entrepreneurs a grip on their company's financial situation again. Through a free consultation or business analysis, you can see what you can do. For example, counselling, financing, legal advice or a debt settlement.
  • 155 Help een bedrijf (Help a company, in Dutch) helps with all kinds of business problems. Think of declining turnover, increasing debts, or customers who do not pay your invoices. Do the free online scans about, for example, money problems, financing, conflicts. Or get a better insight into the health of your company. 155 Help een bedrijf is an initiative of the Institute for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (in Dutch). Over a hundred municipalities are affiliated with 155. The first contact is always free of charge.
  • Over Rood (in Dutch) is a voluntary organisation for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. The foundation guides and supports entrepreneurs towards a financially healthy future. This includes coaching, workshops and training. The first conversation is free. After that, membership costs from € 20 per month. The rate depends on where you live. 

Improving business and administration

Do you want to improve your business operations? Various organisations provide information and help. For example, with advice in the field of finance or personnel.

  • At Geldfit Zakelijk (in Dutch) you can gain insight into the financial position of your company with an anonymous, free online test.
  • Employment Insurance Agency (UWV, in Dutch) can help with questions about hiring or firing personnel.
  • A budget coach helps you with your financial housekeeping or administration. They also provide an overview of your income and expenditure. A budget coach is not free. Anyone can call themselves a budget coach. Therefore, check the Dutch Association of Budget Coaches Debt Counselors (NVVBS, in Dutch) for qualified coaches. 

Financing, credit and grants

All kinds of organisations offer financing, credit or lend you money. So, find out in advance where you have the best chance and prepare yourself well. These are your options: 

Prepare financing

  • The KVK guide to business financing gives you an overview of what is possible in the field of financing.
  • Use the help of professionals (in Dutch). This increases your chance of getting the loan.
  • The KVK Book of Finance for entrepreneurs contains everything you need to know about money matters, finding financing, administration and taxes. 

Credits and subsidies

  • Qredits (in Dutch) has microcredit and SME credit up to €250,000.
  • You will find (government) schemes for financial support in the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) subsidy guide (in Dutch). 

Talk about your problems

A crisis in your company affects you not only professionally, but also personally and emotionally. For mental or social support you can contact De Luisterlijn (Listening Line, in Dutch) or MIND korrelatie (in Dutch) for free and anonymously. Do not forget that you can also always contact your own doctor or municipality. And often you can turn to family, friends, fellow entrepreneurs or a trade association with your problems.