Filed documents

Request certified or non-certified copies of documents, such as articles of association or merger and demerger deeds.

Which documents can you request online? 

  • Deed of incorporation (sample - in Dutch) and articles of association 

  • Amendments to the articles of association 

  • Merger and demerger deeds and proposals 

Order filed documents

Search by name or KVK number and select the product you want. This procedure is only available in Dutch.


An overview of the costs can be found in the tariff overview.

Frequently asked questions


  • Deed of incorporation and articles of association (amendment) filed after 1 June 2013 (excluding homeowners' associations).
  • Deed of incorporation and articles of association (amendment) of bvs and nvs incorporated after 1 January 2011.
  • Deed of incorporation and articles of association (amendment) that have already been requested earlier by telephone from our Service Centre.

Not all documents can be requested online. You can request a copy of these documents through our Service Centre.

  • General terms and conditions: companies are not obliged to file general terms and conditions. They can also file general terms and conditions with the court. Read more about general terms and conditions in the FAQ below. 
  • Liability and consent statements, half-yearly and quarterly reports, exemptions from filing, list of participations, etc. 
  • Other filings such as share (capital) statements, or accountability information from a fast-track liquidation.
  • You can request a report on payments to governments (in CSV format) by sending an email to: o.v.v. In the email subject, please state: 'aanvraag deponering betalingen aan overheden'. Please include the following details in the email.
    • Name.
    • (Business) address and place of residence.
    • If necessary, a reference (location, department, etc).
    • The statutory name of the company who report you want to request.
    • KVK number of the company.
    • Financial year.
    • The contents of a power of attorney and restrictive provisions of an officer.

You will receive a scanned copy of the original merger or demerger proposal. If necessary, you can request a certified version.

What can you do with a merger or demerger proposal?

  • Gain insight into the details of a proposed merger or demerger.
  • As a creditor, request security for the payment of your claim from the relevant legal entity prior to the demerger or merger.
  • Assess whether to file an opposition to the merger or demerger with the court.

You can request the merger or demerger proposal via our website at least 1 month after publication. This is the period in which you can file an opposition (for cross-border mergers or demergers it is 3 months). Thereafter, the proposal remains available until it is withdrawn or the merger or demerger is a fact. This is usually within 6 months of publication.

The accompanying financial statements are not supplied with the merger or demerger proposal. You can request these financial statements online via our website.

You get:

  • a company's general terms and conditions
  • the purchasing conditions
  • the expired terms and conditions

With these, you can: 

  • directly see under which conditions your business partner delivers or purchases
  • Check which agreements apply to payments
  • Get clarity on guarantees and liability