KVK Business Register database comparison

A one-off comparison of your customer and relations data with those on file in the Business Register. You can use the outcome as the basis for your mutations subscription.

For what can you use a database comparison? 

  • Update your customer database for accurate contract records and billing. 

  • Complete missing information. 

  • Check the quality of your customer data. 

  • Find new businesses to add to your target audience. 


Order a database comparison

Order by phone: 088 585 15 85.


The rate varies depending on the size of the database. The costs for comparing names, postcodes, house numbers and SBI codes are: 

Start-up costs€ 1,128
Per 100 records€ 28
Addresses (KVK number and address details) per address€ 0.05
Extra categories (like SBI code) per entry given€ 0.03
Download delivery € 12.40

Veelgestelde vragen

In a database comparison, we compare your address file with the listed Business Register details, and add any missing data. If you request an address file, you receive a file based on a number of criteria (such as SBI code, or recently started businesses). We do not link this file to your address data. 

A database comparison is a one-time service, that usually precedes a mutation subscription. After the database comparison, your address file will be up-to-date. You then keep it up to date with a mutation subscription: a periodic update. 

The files are matched by KVK number or address details. The details compared are a combination of: company name, telephone number, postcode and house number, municipality (both postal and visiting address), and SBI code. 

We can deliver the data in these file formats: ASCII, dBase, Access, and CSV (Excel).

The following details of your customers:

  • KVK number, or
  • address details: company name, street, house number and additional info, postcode, or place name. Phone numbers make for the best match.