KVK Business Register selections offline

A recent and reliable address file with company information, based on your own selection.

What do you use it for? 

You do business safely with a good address file. Using the reliable information in this file, you can, for example, update customer information, find new suppliers, or conduct market research on your target audience and competitors.

Order an address file

Place your order by email.

Step by step: Order an address file

You order an address file by email. Put in the email what data you want to receive.  

  • Which industry codes (SBI codes) do you want to include in the selection? 
  • Do the submitted SBI codes have to be a main activity or can it also be a secondary activity?
  • Are you only interested in main branches or also secondary branches?
  • Should data be provided with or without Non-Mailing-Indicator (NMI)? Companies with the NMI may not be approached for marketing purposes, such as mail advertising or door-to-door visits.
  • What other selection criteria apply? Consider region, legal form, number of employees, etc.
  • What additional sections can we include in the offer, besides the standard data?

Based on the intended use of the address file, you must determine how to comply with the GDPR and the Telecommunications Act.

  • Email your request to account@kvk.nl.
  • Within 2 working days, you will receive a summary of the count and the cost indication.
  • After approval, we will prepare a quotation. You will receive this within 2 working days.
  • Sign the confirmation of your request and email this to account@kvk.nl.

Good to know

We offer a maximum of 2 free business counts per request. Would you like to make your own count in advance. You can use the KVK Company Counter


An overview of the costs can be found in the tariffs overview

Questions or comments?

Take a look at the frequently asked questions below. Is your question not listed or do you have a comment? Then send an email to account@kvk.nl or call 088 585 3434.

Frequently asked questions

You will receive the address file within 5 working days of returning the quotation. 


The Address file is a paid service. First of all, you select the target group, such as sector, region, number of employees, or legal form. Then you indicate which data you want to receive. For example, name and address details, plus any additional sections. The KVK Company Counter is a free online tool. It allows you to make a simple count of the number of companies in a particular sector and area.

Yes, that is possible. Use the KVK Company Counter. This free online tool makes it easy to count companies from a particular industry or area.

In Excel or CSV. In CSV, fields are separated by commas and closed by semicolons.