Registering an American Delaware Corporation

An American Delaware Corporation with a branch in the Netherlands is required to register the branch in the Business Register.

How to register a Delaware Corporation 

Determine who is allowed to register a Delaware Corporation. This person must then schedule an appointment at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK and bring a valid ID. Officers living abroad need not schedule an appointment in person, but can opt to submit several documents along with the registration form. You need the following registration forms to register: 

The English forms can be used for submitting required information. Free-form text such as the description of activities must be submitted in Dutch or English along with a translation. 

What other documents do you need? 

1. Deeds needed to register the Delaware Corporation 

  • a 'certificate of incorporation' with a registration number and date stamp from the Secretary of State; 

  • the 'bylaws'; 

  • the deed evidencing the appointment of directors and officers. 

2. Proof of registration for the Delaware Corporation 

If the Delaware Corporation was established some time ago, you need proof of registration that is no more than one month old. With a 'certificate of good standing' from the Division of Corporations Delaware, you can demonstrate that the corporation is registered in Delaware.    


You have to submit the aforementioned documents in Dutch, German, English, or French. The documents must be authentic or certified. KVK may also require a document confirming the authenticity of the foreign deeds (a so-called 'apostille').