Taking over or transferring a business

Want to take over or transfer an existing eenmanszaak, maatschap, vennootschap onder firma (vof), or commanditaire vennootschap (cv)? Under the sections 'taking over' and 'transferring' below, you can see which forms you need to fill out and bring to your appointment with KVK.

If you are taking over the business, make an appointment with KVK (in Dutch) after completing the form. You have to log in with DigiD to make an appointment.  

Important: when you take over a business, the address for visitors and at least 1 business activity must stay the same.

You are taking over:

New eenmanszaak

Form 1: Register an eenmanszaak

New vof or cv

Form 2: Register a vof or cv

Form 10: Register a partner

Form 32: Register UBOs for a vof, cv, maatschap, EEIG, or shipping company

New maatschap

Form 2a: Register a maatschap

Form 10a: Register a partner

Form 32: Register UBOs for a vof, cv, maatschap, EEIG, or shipping company

Each form also states whether you have to bring other documents to the appointment, such as a rental agreement, vof contract, or franchise contract. 

Want to buy a business with a different legal structure? Contact us at 088 585 1 585 (Mon-Fri 8:30-17:00) to discuss which documents you need to bring to the appointment. 

You are transferring: 

If you are transferring your business, you have to notify KVK. To do so, fill in and sign one of the forms below. Give or send the fully completed and signed form along with a copy of your valid ID to the person taking over your business. As the seller, you do not have to come to the appointment.  

Transferring an eenmanszaak (sole proprietorship) 

Form 14: Change of business and branch details 

Transferring a vennootschap onder firma (general partnership, vof), commanditaire vennootschap (limited partnership, cv) or maatschap (partnership) 

Form 17a: Dissolution of a partnership or shipping company 

UBO register 

When you register a vof, cv, or maatschap in the Business Register, you also have to register its UBOs. Follow the roadmap on our website to determine who your organisation’s UBOs are. KVK will unregister the UBOs linked to the old vof, cv, or maatschap. You do not have to do so yourself. 

Already own an eenmanszaak? 

If you already own an eenmanszaak, you cannot register a second one. You are only allowed to own one eenmanszaak. What you can do, is update the details of your current eenmanszaak, such as by adding new activities or an additional trade name. If the business you are about to acquire has a different physical address, register it as a branch office. In that case, also complete form 9: Branch office. To update the details of your eenmanszaak, go to our website. For advice, call 088 585 1 585 (Mon-Fri 8:30-17:00).