Changing or adding business activities

Adding or changing your business activities is easy to arrange online. First search for the business that you want to update. Then select what you want to change. In this case, that is Activities, or ‘Activiteiten’ in Dutch. Simply follow the steps and enter the new information. This can be done online. Or by post, but that takes longer.

Important to know

  • When you change the activities connected to a business, all previous activities listed in the Business Register are deleted. So when asked, fill in all of your company’s activities. Even the activities that were already listed, if they are still needed.
  • You may have to provide additional evidence showing the company’s activities.

Make changes online or by post

Making changes online is quick and easy. You sign the form using DigiD. We process the form within 2 working days.

Would you prefer to make the changes by post? That is also possible. Send the completed and signed form to the KVK postal address. You must include a copy of a valid identity document of the person signing. The person signing must be authorised to do so and registered in the Business Register. We will process the form within 10 working days.

Adjust/change the order of business activities

Do you want to change the order of your business activities? Then you also need to change the order of the SBI codes. Download Form 18 and fill in the correct order of activities and SBI codes in the text box.

Send the completed and signed form to KVK, together with a copy of a valid proof of identity of the person who signed the form.

Legal entities: description in the articles of association

Check carefully whether the description listed in the deed covers the new activities. Is this not the case? Then have the articles of association amended by a notary. If in doubt, contact your notary.

SBI code

We assign an SBI code to each business activity. You may also propose an SBI code yourself. We then check if the desired SBI code matches your business activities.

An overview of all SBI codes can be found on our website. CBS also has an online interactive tool to look up SBI codes (in Dutch). This allows you to find the right SBI code for a business activity.

Correcting SBI codes

Are your business activities listed correctly, but is the corresponding SBI code incorrect? Please contact us by phone (choose option 1 in the telephone menu). We will then correct it for you.

SBI code and insurance

Make sure your SBI code matches what you do as an entrepreneur. Insurers use your SBI code to calculate your premium. If you incur damage that does not match the activities you carry out according to your SBI code, the insurance will not cover it. Do you often carry out different activities? Report this to us and to your insurer. We will also register your other activities. The insurer can adjust your premium accordingly. This way you can be sure that damage is covered for all your activities.

Changing business activities and the Tax Administration

We report the change of activities to the Tax Administration (in Dutch). You may not have to file a VAT return, for example, because your business activities are exempt. If these activities change or you start new activities, you may have to submit a VAT return. You will automatically be notified of this by the Tax Administration.

Do you currently have activities that are subject to VAT and are changing to activities that are not subject to VAT? Please contact the Tax Administration to inform them of this. Otherwise, you will still have to to file a VAT return.

Consequences for (financial) institutions

If you change your business activity, this may have consequences for, for example, permits from the municipality, financing, insurance, pension funds, or your company’s bank account. Consult the website of the relevant (financial) institution to find out which steps you need to follow if you change your company’s activities.