Changing the details of a partnership or legal entity

Report changes to the details of a partnership (vof, cv, or maatschap) or legal entity (such as a bv, nv, coöperatie, onderlinge waarborgmaatschappij, stichting, or vereniging).

You can report the following changes: 

  • the legal entity’s articles of association 

  • the legal entity’s statutory name 

  • the abbreviated name of the stichting or vereniging 

  • the legal entity’s registered office 

  • the articles of association of the vereniging are laid down in a notarial deed 

  • the legal entity no longer exists due to a legal merger or demerger 

  • the capital of the bv, nv or se 

Important: you need a notarial deed to make statutory changes to legal entities. 

1. Download the form

Form 15 : 'details of a partnership or legal entity'

2. Sign the form and send it to KVK

  • The form states who is authorised to sign the form and which supporting documents you may need to enclose. 

  • Send the form, with a copy of a valid ID belonging to the signatory to one of KVK’s postal addresses

  • You do not need to schedule an appointment with KVK.