Changing your address

You can easily report a change of address and changes to a number of contact details via the web form.

You can digitally change the following details of your company:

  • website (url)
  • phone number or fax number
  • e-mail address
  • message box name
Change of address and contact details

When do I report a change of address?

You must report the change of address within a week. If more than a week has passed, you still have to report the change of address. If you do not do this, this can have consequences for, for example, the liability of your company. Your change of address is only valid once it has been entered in the Business Register. You cannot claim it before. 

Do I also have to report a change of my private address? 

  • If your private address changes, you must inform the municipality. KVK only receives address changes from the municipality of private addresses in the Netherlands. Is your business address the same as your private address? Then we will officially change the visiting address of your company. You will receive written confirmation of this.
  • There are also situations in which we do not change the visiting address, because we do not know if your company will 'move with you'. Has the visiting address changed and KVK has not contacted you? Then notify us of the change of address. For sole proprietorships, this can be done via Mijn eenmanszaak. For other legal forms you can inform us online via Report a change. Only inform KVK of the change of the visiting address after you have notified the municipality. This prevents us from asking for additional evidence.
  • Changes to a private address abroad must be submitted via a change form. Please note that this online process is only available in Dutch. If you would prefer a fully English procedure, you can make use of the printable form.
  • Are you registered in the RNI (Registration of Non-Residents)? Please also inform one of the 19 RNI municipalities about the change in your private address.

Frequently asked questions

It is free to submit a change. For a registration of a new enterprise or for a continuation, acquisition, merger, or demerger that involves a new entry in the Business Register with a new KVK number, you must pay a one-time registration fee.

New KVK extract

After the change, you can request a new KVK Extract.

Do you want to communicate a change of address without a rental, purchase or lease agreement? Then use a declaration of consent.

Declaration of consent

With a declaration of consent, the owner/landlord of the property grants you permission to establish a business/organisation at the relevant address, or to use the address in question as a postal address for your business/organisation. The declaration must have a signature and copy of the owner/landlord's proof of identity.