Registering a branch of a healthcare facility

If you operate a healthcare facility, both non-profit organisations (associations and foundations) and for-profit organisations (BVs , cooperatives and professional partnerships) have to be registered in the Business Register. Stichtingen (foundations) and verenigingen (associations) do need not always register their branches. It is always best to check to be sure.

Fill in the form

The law sets out a general definition of what constitutes a branch, which has been outlined in greater detail for the healthcare sector. Examples of branches in the healthcare sector include treatment centres, warehouses or external cafeterias. The 'Detailed definition of branches for the Business Register' (pdf, in Dutch) sets out exactly what is considered a branch for commercial facilities and non-commercial facilities. Scroll down, click on the appropriate button, and follow the steps to fill in the form digitally. 

Signing the form

There are 2 ways to sign the registration form: digitally and by post.

Digital form

After you complete the digital form, you will see which documents to upload. Next, you can sign the form by logging in with DigiD. KVK will officially register your new branch within 2 working days.


After you complete the digital form, you can print it out and sign it. Send the form with all requested documents to KVK by post. We will officially register your new branch within 10 working days.

Commercial branch (in Dutch)Non-commercial branch