Reporting a board change for a stichting, vereniging, or VvE

Find out how to register a new officer, deregister an officer, or change the details of an officer.

How do I report a board change? 

If you have a vereniging (association), stichting (foundation) or VvE (owners’ association) that does not engage in commercial activities, you can submit changes completely digitally. To do so, click on the ‘report board change' link at the bottom of the page. In one session, you can: 

  • register up to 5 new directors. 

  • deregister up to 10 current directors. 

  • change the details of up to 10 officers. 

Follow the steps and upload files when prompted. 

Sign the changes 

You have to sign all board changes you wish to submit by confirming the changes with DigiD. 

Deregistering an officer 

If you are deregistering an officer, the officer leaving the business or another officer who is still registered must sign the form for approval. 

If you are the officer leaving the business and someone else will be taking your seat, sign up the new officer before deregistering yourself. After you are deregistered as an officer, you will no longer be able to approve the registration of the new officer. 

Registering an officer 

When you register one or more new officers, each new officer will receive an email from KVK with a link to a form for the new officer to sign for approval. After all new officers have signed, a registered officer will also receive an email with a link. After they sign too, the change will be officially submitted to KVK. We will process the change within 2 business days. 

If your stichting (foundation), vereniging (association), or VvE (owners’ association) engages in commercial activities, each new officer must visit a KVK office in person to identify themselves. Again, follow all the steps via the link at the bottom of the page. After completing all the steps, you will find instructions for making an appointment and a list of things to bring with you.  

Changing officer details 

If you are changing an officer’s details, every registered officer will be allowed to sign the form for approval. 

Change of address 

If the official address of your stichting (foundation), vereniging (association), or VvE (owners’ association) is the same as the address of a departing director, you must submit a change of address (procedure is in Dutch) for the stichting, vereniging, or VvE. At the same time, you can check whether all other contact details are still up to date. 

Check how the change may affect your UBOs 

If your stichting (foundation) or vereniging (association) has UBOs listed in the UBO register, you have to make sure that their records stay up to date. You can use the online UBO report to check whether your new director is a UBO, as well as to submit changes to the UBO register or deregister UBOs if necessary. 

You do not need to register UBOs for VvEs (owners’ assocations) and for verenigingen (associations) with limited legal capacity. 

Impact on (financial) institutions 

Changing board members may affect the municipal permits, financing, insurance, pension fund, or bank account of your stichting (foundation) or vereniging (association). Consult the website of the (financial) institution in question to find out what to do if you decide on a board change. 

Report a board change (in Dutch)