Menu for starting a business

Starting a business is like preparing a delicious dish. It all begins with finding the right recipe and sourcing the ingredients. You will also have to navigate issues like a budget, risks, and customers with different palates. This menu will help you turn your idea into a successful business one step at a time. Get started and become the chef of your own business.

1. You cannot become a chef overnight

The first step is all about you. What skills do you need to start a successful business? You will need ingredients like creativity, passion, perseverance, and know-how. After all, a great dish requires the best ingredients.

Do you have what it takes to be a good entrepreneur? Find out with the KVK Krachtmeting (in Dutch).

2. The recipe for success

Without a good recipe - that is what we are calling your business plan for now - you will never serve up excellent dishes. Test your recipes, taste the results, and put together a menu. Make sure that your customers actually want your dishes!

What is your target audience, what do they want to spend, who are your competitors, and how will you finance your plans?

3. Your kitchen rules

Running a professional kitchen comes with rules. Your business location must be in line with the zoning plan, your kitchen meets fire safety requirements and you know how to apply hygiene rules.

Which rules apply to your business and which permits do you need?

4. Your budget

You will have to invest in your restaurant, ranging from kitchen appliances to chairs and tables or even a full remodel. Do you have your own money or do you need money from a bank or other lender?

What is on your shopping list and how much money do you need?

5. Tax authorities also get a slice of the pie

After a delicious dinner, it is time for your customers to pay the bill. You keep a record of all these bills: you have to file a VAT return and pay income tax on your profits, after all. If you have staff, they will undoubtedly want to be paid too (and on time).

Can you keep your own administrative records or do you need an accountant?

6. A hot mess

Your customers do not like the menu. You have a pan fire while making a dessert, damaging your extractor hood and injuring your chef. Thankfully, you have taken out business liability insurance. But coping with all the stress makes you overworked and you get sick. To make matters worse, you also fall victim to a digital scam. You cannot be an entrepreneur without taking risks, but it is natural to want to limit them as much as possible.

What business risks and safety risks can startups encounter and how can you mitigate them? Check your insurance and perform regular updates and backups.

7. Banner time: opening your business

Congratulations, you are about to launch your own business. After a lot of searching, you have figured everything out and are rearing to go. You have come up with a concept for your business and a matching company name. You visit KVK in order to register. Now you can finally get started.

Have you come up with a fitting company name? And have you decided which legal form is best for your business?

8. Do you have a table available?

Your business looks the part. The tables are set. Now all you need is guests. How do you make that happen? Social media, local newspapers, a slick website, and a customer acquisition plan are all options!

What does your marketing plan look like?

9. 3-star reviews

Your customers are satisfied. You are getting good reviews and feedback, resulting in more and more regulars and new customers. Ready to shoot for the stars?

How do you retain customers and find new ones?

This menu is a metaphor. You can apply these steps to any business idea.